“I have always been interested in, yet always sceptical about the art of hypnosis, though having had a quick chat with HypnoSir over a profile site it was just a few minutes before we were chatting over Skype. Almost instantly my opinions on hypnosis were changed as I was guided through a mild trance and through each step not only did I feel calm but also the realisation that I really was subject to his suggestions proving me 100% wrong in my initial beliefs.
HypnoSir is a very skilled man and very professional and i have nothing but admiration for his abilities and would gladly recommend his services to anyone.”

“I came across Kinknosis or at least it’s Hypnotist a few years ago, back then I was seeking to have a slave-like obedience brought forward whenever I heard a certain phrase. After as little as 3 sessions I had the fantasy of totally submitting to the masters I’ve worked with achievable, more so than any amount of physically restrictive or painful training could achieve. I am now happily devoted and able to be the good obedient slave for master and its all thanks to Kinknosis, a thoroughly enjoyable experience and well worth the money”
Peter Glasgow.

“Very affordable for both the level of skill of the practitioner, experience and the results so far in my case have been a real eye opener, forget the rest and try Kinknosis”

“Having never experienced hypnosis before, I was slightly skeptic when first undergoing the process. However, I found myself surprised and enjoying the experience which I can only describe as unique; having the feelings of being a pup put in place, as well as being able to experience some more physical aspects (conditioning to maintain my tongue hanging out of my mouth like a real pup) gave the session a fun side that served my interests perfectly. There was a sense of calm throughout the session and a constant feeling of security in HypnoSir. I strongly recommend HypnoSir to all of those who are looking to try hypnosis.” Skittle-pup

“All my life I’ve felt like I was stuck between two genders, Like I was born into the wrong body, a big strong burly man’s body housing a delicate beautiful female, before coming across Kinknosis I was so disgusted some days to see in the mirror the reality that I would never get to see and feel as I felt I was inside. HypnoSir was able to not only make me feel comfortable and secure as a person with my real soulful identity when I looked in the mirror, but to also be able to experience a real transformation into woman, unlike if I went to see another therapist to be simple diagnosed with some sexual Dysmorphia disorder, HypnoSir understands and can relate to the people of the BDSM community and can make real change possible, I can’t thank him enough, and hope you benefit in the same way by giving Kinknosis a try.”

“Thoroughly enjoyable, very professional, don’t know why I wasted time talking to amateurs when there’s someone doing it right! “

“I had a growing curiosity if Hypnotism was real and wanted to reach my goal of being a pup but didn't know if it was ACTUALLY possible. Luckily I met HypnoSir and he really knows what he was doing, knew exactly what I wanted and ultimately helped me to reach my goal” Pup Jett

“Hey, I would just like to say that this guy is the best kink related therapist around. I had been to various others but none could come close to this practitioner’s prowess in getting the kink related work actually accomplished. He is patient and will work with you on things. He has significant experience in his field so he very much knows what he’s doing. “ Mike Hawk.

Kinknosis offers a unique live 1 on 1 hypnosis service by a clinically qualified hypnotherapist to help you become the you that you want to be.