What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is one of the ultimate forms of relaxation; itís because of this so deep relaxed state that we are able to awaken the unconcious mind while keeping the concious mind relaxed deep enough to bypass it. Our subconcious mind is the part that learns everything as we grow. Through suggestions into the subconcious mind we are able to help heal or treat certain traumas, phobias and addictions.. The list of opportunities is endless. Putting it plainly in easier terms perhaps.... Think of our minds as a computerís hard drive and a hypnotherapist as a computer programmer. Hypnosis helps to strengthen and awaken what already lies deep inside and or to help achieve and strengthen our abilities to want to achieve self help goals.

Is Hypnosis sleep?
No, many people confuse hypnosis with sleep because the hypnotised state of mind is so relaxing that when someone enters trance they actually look like they are asleep. In fact, during a state of hypnotic trance, a person is more aware of everything around them with almost all senses becoming more responsive. People believe that if they move during a hypnotic experience this will disturb and awaken the state, this is entirely false and the fact youíre more alert during a trance itís recommended if youíre needing to move slightly to adjust to comforts to then do so to allow yourself the ability to relax deeper with the comfort.

I listen to kink related MP3ís and seen no immediate success, how is this different?
Yes, Hypnosis mp3ís do eventually induce a tranced state of mind, however because they do not take in the many factors to induce deep trance they often reveal little to no immediate effect. The fact with this site offering live one to one trance means that the trance is tailored for you at the moment its taking place, your relaxed while Iím watching you in order to be able to deepen your levels of relaxation, This differs from an MP3 greatly as the file is pre-recorded and therefore could potentially rush your own personal levels of relaxation before you have even relaxed.

Iíve heard of online hypnotists taking control of people, will this happen to me?
The fact is ANYONE can induce a trance, the saying all hypnosis is self hypnosis makes this possible. However, it doesnít make it safe. There are many amateur hypnotists floating around online communities, just because someone can induce a trance doesnít mean they know what they are doing once youíre suggestible. My service is professional and as Iím a qualified Hypnotherapist, you are guaranteed to a safe, ethical trance ensuring the initial results are the ones you come looking for.

Will it work on me?
Despite what people believe hypnosis will work on 99% of people. The myth of ďim strong minded so it wonít work on meĒ is actually false. In fact, believe it or not, the stronger minded you are its actually easier to induce a hypnotic state. Having said this, if you donít consider yourself strong minded it doesnít mean you also can not easily go into hypnosis, like I said Ė 99% of the population can easily go into hypnosis and enjoy the experience. In fact, anyone that ever tells you they canít be hypnotised usually already has without even noticing it, because hypnosis is a natural state, nearly every day we naturally induce ourselves into trance without even realising it... Ever find yourself staring out the window eyes fixed on nothing at all yet for some reason we just keep staring until after a few minutes someone shouts your name and you startle yourself out of it? If you experience this Ďday dreamingí then you can already say you have been hypnotised...Well a light trance anyway!

What does it feel like when Iím in Hypnosis?
Because hypnosis is a natural state of mind, there isnít an actual defined way to feel in trance besides completely relaxed, the experience and feeling for everyone is completely different. Some people describe their hypnotic experience as feeling so relaxed they become very heavy, some recall feeling very light and floating. You may find yourself feeling your toes and fingers tingling, flushes of warmth flowing through the body, you may not even feel anything besides just being comfortable and relaxed, in fact despite what people believe your still very aware of everything going on around you during a hypnotised state, itís because of this people sometimes believe they arenít actually in one. Just enjoy the experience, soak up the relaxation and let yourself let go to sink deeply!

How many sessions will it take?
Again this depends on the person and how determined they are about getting these changes they want. It is generally recommended for effective changes to take place permanently and naturally to have five sessions each lasting around an hour. You can be sure to begin to see changes around the third session with the beginning simply being an introduction for your mind to hypnosis and a chance to begin to allow it to prepare to accept the suggestions. The second session begins applying your desired changes with the following sessions the deepening and strengthening stages.

Will I get stuck in Hypnosis?
No. As simple as that, it is absolutely not possible to become stuck in hypnosis, people often fear that if undergoing remote hypnosis (online) then there is the fear and safety issue of becoming stuck, this is not true, hypnosis being the natural state it is requires the mind to become receptive to listening to the voice of the hypnotist trancing it, if for example the connection is cut off after 10 minutes max your subconscious will become bored and simply wake up. Again, remember youíre totally aware during your trance, if you want to wake up you simply snap yourself out of it and do so.

Kinknosis offers a unique live 1 on 1 hypnosis service by a clinically qualified hypnotherapist to help you become the you that you want to be.