This is a section for all you boys and girls who fall somewhere into the grand BDSM/Kink spectrum, and want some suggestion as to how exactly KINKNOSIS is for YOU. 

Some of the most popular requests I’ve gotten in the past have been from boys who crave obedience to blossom in their nature, or bring out the inner pup/furry or in the nature of their boys they own in the case of Doms. Girls have sought to push and expand their limits and be able to withstand longer exposure to pain play or alike, Masters and Mistresses seeking to install “triggers” into their subs to bring out certain training or Obedience. Play with water sports, Pain play, Electro, Feminization, CBT, Chastity is a big one, and many other are all just a few examples that I’ve had many people seek help with enhancing the enjoyment thereof with Kinknosis. Many have simply wanted a session with me to experience the total submission feeling Hypnosis can bring on in Subs wanting a lifestyle of Micro-control or total power exchange. Doms have come to me to train a sub of theirs to orgasm on command or to feel waves of submission and Obedience wash over them at the appraisal of “Good slave”. 

Possibilities are near limitless as are the effects so hopefully this has helped shed some light on just a few examples of what I can do for you in helping you, become the you that YOU want to be.

Kinknosis offers a unique live 1 on 1 hypnosis service by a clinically qualified hypnotherapist to help you become the you that you want to be.