Ever wondered who you are? Ever wondered why you have these ‘odd’ urges and generally find yourself pressing them deeply back down? Ever think to yourself “things could be different if only...?”

People live their lives every day, with millions of passing thoughts floating through their minds; the truth is that most of us ultimately don’t live as the person we truly are. Today’s society deems what is normal and what is not and we seem to be slaves to society. We work, we eat, we sleep... Occasionally we find ourselves doing something for ourselves to keep our wits and sanity about us.

Imagine if you could actually become who you wanted to become, imagine if living how you wanted to live could actually become possible. Just because we have our urges it doesn’t mean we need to keep pushing them back down. Why not learn to accept who you are? I believe you’ve already done this, your now at the point you want help being ‘who you are’ easily and naturally without effecting your normal everyday life.

Welcome to KINKNOSIS, I offer to you a fast and very effective service mixing hypnosis with kink, therefore helping you become who you want to be! From comfortably living as the submissive you believe you are, and still maintaining the confidence to manage a company, to something as bizarre as believing your actually meant to be a puppy perhaps, who’s stuck inside a human body therefore needing to learn to behave and act as humanly possible when and where appropriately, but then easily being able to be the pup you believe you are as quickly and safely as possible where appropriate.

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist who has been actively involved and helping people in this community for over 10 years now. Previously residing in Australia, I have now moved over here to the UK where I have decided to begin my professional career and establish my practice. Over the years I have received many requests from people who claim to be too shy going to a white collared therapist seeking the changes that they seek; therefore I decided to combine my professional expertise with personal interests and am now therefore offering a fully private and confidential yet professional service to anyone.

I very much look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions and or enquiries you may have in regards to how my services can help you. For now, please enjoy the site and don’t hesitate in contacting me very soon so that I can then begin to help ‘you become the YOU that you want to be’.

Kinknosis offers a unique live 1 on 1 hypnosis service by a clinically qualified hypnotherapist to help you become the you that you want to be.